Weight Loss Programs Personalized to Your Lab Results

Are you struggling to lose weight? Have you tried other weight loss programs before and just can’t lose those extra pounds? If so, Advanced Integrative Medical 360 can help. Our custom-tailored approach in individualizing weight loss plans integrates comprehensive lab testing with cutting-edge medications, supplements, dietary programs and one-on-one coaching. By understanding your lab biomarkers, health history and goals, our team of integrative functional medicine practitioners design a 100% personalized weight loss program that fits your life and your goals! With over 5,000+ patients successfully treated, Advanced Integrative Medical 360 can help you look and feel better.


The first step in tailoring a weight loss program specific to you is by understanding your health history, goals and lab biomarkers. During your initial FREE phone consultation, a member of our integrative medical team works one-on-one with you in learning about your body. Do you possibly have hormone imbalances causing weight gain and fatigue? Are GI imbalances and food sensitivities causing bloating and constipation which further prevent losing weight? Based on your overall goals and symptoms, our team will recommend specific lab test(s) which can possibly uncover the reasons why you are not losing weight. A lab script and/or lab kit will be emailed or mailed to your home so you can complete the lab testing.


*Lab testing is not available in NY, NJ, RI


Within 1-3 weeks of completing lab testing, you’ll work one-on-one with an integrative functional medicine practitioner on interpreting your lab results and what they mean to your overall health and weight loss goals. In-depth analysis of lab biomarkers combined with your health history and symptoms allows the integrative functional medicine practitioner to tailor a 100% personalized weight loss program to you and your body. From cutting-edge weight loss medications and IV’s to targeted nutrition therapies of supplements and diets, your program is customized to your lab biomarkers, symptoms and weight loss goals. For your convenience, all medications and supplements will be mailed directly to your home.


*Only PA residents can be prescribed medications and IV’s


By having access to cutting-edge medications and supplements combined with your personal team of doctors, nurses and nutrition coaches guiding you to your goals, you’ll not only transform your body, but you’ll change the way how you feel. Plus…..you receive exclusive access to the Body by AIM360 nutrition app. Recipes, meal plans, and nutrition guides combined with a food, exercise and an activity tracker allow you to maximize your results and stay connected to your personal nutrition coach and nurse team. Losing weight and feeling better has never been so easy and personalized.