Eliminate Symptoms and Lose Up to 20 Lbs. or More Per Month

Introducing our 100% personalized functional medicine weight loss program. We guarantee you’ve never seen or experienced a weight loss program like this before. With comprehensive lab testing, our functional medicine practitioners can view how hormones, neurotransmitters, digestion functions, micronutrient deficiencies and food sensitivities could be impacting your weight loss results. By designing a program around your lab results, you’ll have a plan that is tailored to your body and your life.

Functional Lab Testing
No More Guessing, Get Tested

Are your hormones causing your body to hold onto excess fat? Are your brain chemicals making you have an insatiable appetite? Do you have micronutrient deficiencies that are impacting your metabolism? Stop guessing and get tested. Our comprehensive weight loss lab testing panels give our practitioners an in-depth understanding of why you may not be getting the weight loss results you are looking for.

“This protocol has been a blessing in my life. Everyone there is absolutely wonderful! Extremely helpful and caring! I love what they are doing here. They did my lab tests, so it completely cut out the guess work, and they knew exactly what my body needed! I got results fast, something that I wasn’t able to achieve for years.”

Flamingo R.

Personalized Program
Cutting-Edge Medical Weight Loss Therapies

From fat burner medications to hormone optimizing therapies and even nutrition infusions, your practitioner will design a weight loss program around your goals, symptoms and lab results. With over 70+ medications, injections, creams, IVs and supplements to choose from, your practitioner designs a program unique to you. Get exclusive access to cutting-edge therapies to help make weight loss and feeling better easy.

“My plan was geared specifically for the needs of my body. After being in the program for one month, I lost 20lbs. I continued to lose weight, my hair and skin became more healthy, I started exercising again and felt AMAZING! I have lost a total of 40lbs and have kept it off !”

Meghan C.

Meal Plans & Coach
Weight Loss App and Virtual Coach

From the palm of your hands, get access to meal plans, grocery lists, recipes, cooking videos and your own personal nutrition coach. Our patients have access to certified nutrition coaches who work one-on-one with you in celebrating your successes, holding you accountable and answering questions. Our coaches have worked with thousands of our patients in losing weight and getting their life back. Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or a 100 pounds, they get it. Track your foods, sleep, exercise and more through the app and your personal coach will guide you to your weight loss goals.

“All I can say is, this is my 27th day on the program and I am down 21 pounds. I couldn’t have done it without the staff support and the encouragement and support of my health coach. Yep, I said health coach. Easy access on a regular basis.”

Mary A.