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KENNYWOOD made me decide to lose weight

56 days….It was 56 days since I began the weight loss program at advance 360. In July of 2017 I had a serious medical condition that nearly led to death. I had severe diverticulitis which caused me to have surgery and have 14 inches of my colon removed. After the surgery I gained a lot of weight, I’ve always been chubby but I ballooned up to 333 lbs. My blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol were through the roof. Towards the end of summer I took my then 6 year old daughter to Kenny wood and had to tell her no, we couldn’t ride a lot of rides because I was having trouble fitting in the seats of rides. I had the same problem when I took her to Kennywood in December for the festival of lights, I couldn’t ride the rides with her. That killed me as she was finally tall enough to ride the big rides and she wanted to so bad. That was the GAME CHANGER. So in February on recommendation from a friend I went to see Dr. Dubyak and he put me on a 30 day plan which I lost around 31 lbs. in 1 month. Now I am on Paleo diet plan and in total in 56 days I am down a total of 43 lbs. as of today. 56 days I’ve gone from 333 to 290 lbs., from a size 50 pants to a 46. Best of all last weekend I took my now 7 year old daughter to Kenny wood and I was able to ride all the rides with her. I have been learning new recipes to cook, and I try to try at least 2 or 3 new recipes a week…They are all super delicious and surprisingly easy and fast to cook. Most recipes take only 15-20 minutes to .I also refuse to say I am on a diet, WHY? Because become come off of diets and gain weight back. I changed the way I eat, a total lifestyle change. I’m never hungry and I really don’t crave anything because all the recipes are so good, and there are so many things I can still eat…What more proof do you need other than 43 Lbs. (and still counting) in only 56 days…So get off your ass and go see them and start dropping those pounds at a rate that will make your head spin. Truly changed and saved my life. And my daughter is so happy that daddy lost weight and can ride all the rides at Kenny wood, and an extra bonus is that she likes most of the recipes I make so she too is learning to eat healthy.

-Allen L.


“Let’s try this…”. My favorite 3 words to hear from THIS Wonderful group of knowledgeable staff! Let me regress…Two months ago I was told by my PCP “that is all I can do for you and your pain.” I was in absolute tears of frustration in the doctor’s office. She suggested a psychiatrist! Are you kidding me! My pain is real! It started 4 years ago with an MVA in which I was hit from behind and pushed into an oncoming Mac truck. I left and made an apt. for more injections with DNA Pain Treatment Centers. (Dr. Navelgund is wonderful there!). However, my pain is so widespread it cannot be controlled anymore by simple trigger point injections and Botox injections. She suggested Advanced Integrative Meds. And Def! The food sensitivity testing for inflammation. I made my appt. and for the first time in 4 years I was met with eye contact, sincerity, apathy, all while taking copious notes! It was like the heavens opened up! … and then it was followed by,..”Here’s what we can definitely do for you!” … And so started my journey! Do it! Don’t wait! I wanted to lose weight to take the stress off of my neck and back injuries as well as reduce my pain. Then I heard…”Here’s the plan!” A plan! Imagine that! I started as soon as I could! 20 days in and an 18 pound weight loss! Unbelievable! I feel better. I feel better! I feel better! The staff listens to me! They ask me every week how am I feeling. They monitor me! It is amazing the level of care! And if for some reason I feel some pain, they regroup, replan, talk it through with me…It is amazing! I can’t thank them enough! I was at my lowest, and they gave me hope, movement, weight loss, motivation, and encouragement! They listen! Sign up! Don’t wait another day! They are giving me my love of life back. What a gift! My blood pressure is down. My energy level is amazing. The nutritional aspect is easy to follow. I am never hungry. My anxiety has tremendously become less. My attitude has become positive. So excited to continue this journey!

-Sandra P.


The staff here have been nothing short of amazing and very friendly. I’ve known for some time that something was “off”, but most doctors will only take the time to scratch the service and not truly dig into the problem. Not the case here, Dr Darren Dubyak did a complete hormone panel on me and I’ve only been in the program for about 20 days and am currently down 22lbs. We’re working on correcting all of my hormonal imbalances.



I was somewhat skeptical at first but decided to immerse myself into the program. It was a totally different way to look at nutrition. The meal prep was easy and the injections were simple. Just stick to the program and it works. I lost 28 lbs. In 28 days. I’ve got more energy and have reduced my blood pressure medicine by 75%. Many thanks to Alex and Kallista…they’re great!!!

-Don J.


I found Dr. Dubyak and his staff to be caring and supportive, a refreshing change from the standard medical care to which I had become accustomed. If anyone reading this review wants to make a positive change in their lifestyle, I highly recommend Advanced Integrative Medical 360.For 12 years I searched for a holistic practice that is focused on HEALTH CARE and not Symptom Care that I could take my wife and I to. From the blood work to the weekly coaching phone calls checking in to encourage constructive progress these guys are the real deal. Your health, and life, is worth making this phone call to set up an appointment.

-Edwin B.


I’ve been a patient at Advanced Integrative Medical 360 for about 3 months now and I know it sounds so cheesy but their practice has literally changed my life! I used to suffer from anxiety and never liked the idea of taking medication to temporarily fit it.. I wanted to permanently fix it! Whenever I found AIM360 and their functional medicine approach, I was so excited to get my blood work done and see exactly what was going on with my body. It turned out that my body was reacting negatively to most things I was eating which caused my gut to not produce serotonin correctly, hence the anxiety I was experiencing. Dr. D put me on daily vitamins for my MTHFR, bi-weekly immune IVs and he also has me on the KetoBolic diet. It’s been 3 weeks since starting his programs and I feel so happy and energized. You really can’t make this stuff up people. I highly recommend giving them a call!

-Kelsey B.


I am 51 years old. On July 2, 2018 I walked in to Advanced Integrative Medical 360 in Uniontown for an appointment with Dr. Dubyak. I met another patient there that looked at me and said, is this your first time here? I said yes. She said, just do what they tell you to and it will work! I was physically, mentally and emotionally unwell, to say the least. I told him I felt like I was going to die. It was all I could do to make it through my work day, and some days I stayed home in bed. I just didn’t have the energy to function. I had been to many doctors in the past several years, and all they wanted to do was give me more drugs, but not one of the was looking for the root cause of my issues. Dr. Dubyak and I had a very long conversation, and I could tell he was the real deal. He listened to everything I said, asked me questions, saw how emotional and sick I was, and he genuinely cared about my wellbeing. And I had just met him! He sent me for bloodwork, of which they drew 10 tubes of blood. On July 12th, Dr. Dubyak went over the results with me, told me he didn’t realize how sick I really was, and we chose a program, tailored to target some of my immediate needs. The program was for 60 days. He asked me what the top three things I wanted to get from the program. 1. To feel better and have more energy. 2. Get my diabetes under control. 3. To lose a little weight along the way. I had an appointment with my Endo about mid-way through, and I was really surprised that he was fully supportive of this program. He even said if I continue on this path, he would not have a need to see me after my next appt! Then I went to my family Dr. and she was also very supportive and even asked if they did natural hormone replacement therapy because she had several patients she would like to refer to somewhere, but there is no one close by that does that type of thing. So of course I provided Dr. Dubyak their information! Fast forward to September 25, 2018. I had gotten bloodwork again and went in for a follow-up and the results were absolutely amazing! My HbA1C went from 7.9 to 6.5, liver function numbers are lower than they have been in at least 3 years, triglycerides, thyroid, and lots of other things were way down. Some are still too high, but we are working on those next. I am blown away at what just happened! It is absolutely amazing! I have a lot more energy, my blood sugar is down considerably, and I lost 28 pounds! In just 60 days! I’m not done yet. We are going to continue on this path to wellness! The support system I have just from the people that work in this office alone is outstanding. Weekly calls with the Nutritionist, texting and talking with the Nurse on specific needs, talking with the doctors, who are exceptional. This was absolutely the best thing I have ever done for myself! You have to have the right mindset and be willing to change what you are doing. It is well worth it! If you listen to what they tell you to do, it will work!

-Beverly R.


I’m 33. I came in with some of my troubles with PCOS, for the last 15 years actually…. Dr. Dubyak helped me so much with my Diet, and in helping me to see what I should and most importantly shouldn’t be eating.  I started at about 230lbs… today about 210lbs… I haven’t been able to lose weight like this since I was high school! I’m not finished yet either! This has been really inspiring for me, once the weight started coming off, I had more energy, felt less bloated… and overall just feel better, oh and my skin, although not 100% yet…. it is sooo much better than what it was with all my breakouts! Thanks to everyone at the Uniontown and Pittsburgh locations! Your staff is wonderful, attentive and caring!

-Windy L.


When I first visited Advanced Integrative Medical 360 my goal was to lose weight. The results exceeded my expectations. Not only did I lose 20 lbs. during the initial sixty-day weight loss program, but after the first week I noticed an increase in my energy levels and an improvement for the better in my mood. It only got better from there. As a 67 year old grandmother I could now keep up with my grandchildren when we went to the park. Rather than take an afternoon nap, I was running around doing errands and cleaning the house. At one point my daughter actually told me to sit down and take a break as all of my renewed energy was making her nervous. Additionally, after 60 days my lab results had greatly improved. As one example, my bad cholesterol levels which had been alarmingly high are now approaching normal range.

-Tania M.


I have been super big my whole life. I started AIM 360 eight weeks ago and have already lost about eleven inches around my waist. Everyone here is super friendly and truly care about your wellbeing. The process is easy once you learn the good and the bad. They teach you EVERYTHING you need to know. I truly believe this will save my life. Feeling a hundred times better and don’t hurt nearly as bad as before. Everyone here isheroes to me and I can’t thank them enough.

-Chad N.

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