Patient Reviews

This place saved my life. It really does work. I have lost over 30 pounds. Ifeel great. The people here are so nice and actually care about you. If you want to take better care of yourself this is the place.

-April G.


I would recommend Advanced Integrative Medical. The staff is wonderful and Dr.Dubyak sits with you and explains every little detail that’s going on in your body. I always get bloodwork from my PCP but nothing like you get from Advanced Integrative. I have lost 16 lbs. in 4 weeks and I feel great!!! I have a few more to go but with all the support from the Staff and Dr.Dubyak I’ll make my goal!

-Diana H.


Making the initial call to Advanced Integrated Medical 360 has been the best thing that I have done for myself in a very long time! I was frustrated with my PCP, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, inflammation, was overweight and feeling extremely tired. I had developed a lot of allergies which required weekly injections. My PCP just prescribed meds, one after the other. Each med causing another symptom that needed addressed. I wanted to get to the root cause of my symptoms, not just treat the symptoms. I heard about AIM 360 at work and decided to call. This was the hardest part of my journey! My goals were to feel better, sleep better, and lose weight. After my initial blood work came back, I was given a personalized plan to meet my specific goals. After 30 days, I am feeling better, sleeping better, my husband said I have stopped snoring, and I have lost 20 pounds!!I could not have achieved these results alone. I attribute my success to Dr. Dubyak for my individualized plan, my health coach Kallista for always being there the entire time. She offered guidance and support beyond what I ever expected. I felt comfortable talking with her and she made me feel as if I were not alone on this journey. I also need to thank Nurse Alex who has also attentively listened to my weekly progress and has offered numerous suggestions and tips to losing weight, making life style changes and wonderful recipes! I hope to continue seeing progress during the second month of my program.

-Patty K.


I would like to start out by saying thank you to Kallista! She is amazing! I walked into the office wanting to lose weight, that Idid! I also learned so much more, how to meal prep ahead of time, I go online look up menu before going out to eat. Makes it easier on me. I even traveled on my journey it was a challenge, but I just put my apple and water in my purse and enjoyed my day. I feel healthy and have more energy. I get up and walk every day. You need to believe in yourself because I think I am worth it! It’s a wonderful program.

-Mary W.


Was it easy? After the first few days, it became routine. Giving up all the possible food allergens seemed any impossible feat but I stuck with it one day at a time. My labs prove the success of where I am today. The vitamin infusions and special health shake healed my gut to absorb nutrients and I no longer suffer from a leaky gut. I have never had such thorough testing and specialized treatments to heal in any other healthcare setting. Health is priceless. I highly recommend the consultation and program. It works if you do your part. I did and I couldn’t be happier and more importantly, HEALTHIER.

-Denise M.


Dr Dubyak has been amazing! He was the only doctor that actually diagnosed my son’s chronic EBV. We had been to three endocrinologists with no success. We are currently in treatment and have all the faith in the world in this treatment plan Dr Dubyak has him on. Amazing staff as well!

-Jennie H.


AIM360 has helped to get me back on track!! I was at my wits end with weight gain and being unhealthy. At my most recent PCPcheckup they were doing pre diabetic testing on me, I already have high blood pressure. I quickly called and made an appointment with Dr. Dubyak. Best decision I have ever made. Dr. Dubyak and the entire staff have helped me to lose 21.4 pounds in 2 months. The daily accountability of an app which includes a weekly shopping list, daily eating suggestions, health goals, and recipes made it easy to stay on track. Weekly health coaching, vitamins and supplements as well as weekly Vitamin IVs. Thanks to all at AIM 360 for giving me the tools and motivation I needed to succeed on this new journey/lifestyle. I have a ton more energy and the weight loss has given me the motivation I needed. I have 18 more pounds to go and I now know it is possible. Thanks again!!!!

-Jennifer M.


Very happy with my experience. I was put on a nutrition plan including supplements and vitamins and feel healthier. The staff is amazing and they care about my health. I know I am in good hands.

-Jennifer C.


Advanced Integrative Medical 360 changed my life! In 2 short months, I was able to lose 27 pounds, balance my hormones, increase energy, and create a new lifestyle for myself. I couldn’t have chosen a more competent team to help me achieve my goals! Thank you Dr. Dubyak and to the whole Advanced Integrative Medical 360 team!!

-Bethany C.


Awesome results!  If you are ready to lose weight and feel better this is the place for you!  I needed a reality check.  Dr Dubyak understood my concerns and created a plan that worked for me… I was able to lose 16 pounds in 30 days and I am not done yet!

-Amy P.

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