Patient Reviews

Any time you are on an airplane, the flight attendants tell parents in case of an emergency to put their oxygen masks on first before they put on their child’s. In a way Integrative Medical 360 was my own oxygen mask. I needed to take care of myself before I could properly care for my family and my young daughter. By losing 30 pounds in just 60 days, I finally feel like I am not at war with my body. I am able to leap over the hurdles that my PCOS diagnosis has placed in front of me, and, most importantly, I am able to set a healthy example for my daughter. As a reformed “yo-yo dieter,” I can tell you that the staff at Integrative Medical 360, especially my wonderful health coach Maria, are caring and equip you with the tools to shape you into your best, healthiest self. I still have a mountain to climb, but with all that I have learned and the support from the staff and doctors I know that my dream of finishing a half-marathon is within reach.

-Tara A.


I’m so glad I found this place; they took all of the stress & guess work from me. Everyone here is so kind & helpful. Not only am I eating healthier, I’ve lost weight, I’m feeling 90% better, my pain level went from a 10 to 2 & I’m not even done with the program yet. I have been posting on Facebook weekly to share my progress & excitement with my friends & family. I’m also excited to go to my PCP appointment in October to share my exciting news with him since he told me he did not believe in this kind of treatment. I’d like to thank Darren Dubyak, Tim Dancy, AlexKampart&Kallista Dennis for all your help. I wouldn’t be where I am today had I’d never found you guys.

-Darla C.


In January I called Advanced Integrative Medical 360. During my first consultation with a weight-loss consultant we discussed my goals, current habits, fears, and medical history. The weight-loss consultant took time to get to know me and to provide a bit of training on nutrition 101. That is where I was and what I needed at the time. After discussing many potential programming options with me, she explained that the next, and most important step, would be for me to get blood work run. These results were then put into a Hormone Weight-Loss Lab Report. This report was extraordinarily comprehensive. This report allowed doctors, nutritionists, weight-loss consultants and nurses to develop an individualized weight-loss plan just for me. After choosing a plan I was given access to an app which allowed me to constantly communicate with a nutritionist. Maria, my nutritionist, was an amazing support through-out this journey! I felt so bad for her during the first few months because of my lack of knowledge! I would chat with her when I was at a restaurant, grocery shopping, or craving unhealthy food. She was always supportive, encouraging and unceasingly knowledgeable. As time went on, through our online chats and weekly phone calls she taught me about nutrition and over health. This was more than a diet; it was a lifestyle change. Over a 5 month period I lost a total of 32 pounds but more than that, I completely changed my habits. I started at 190 pounds and am currently at 158 pounds. I will continue this lifestyle and I will continue to lose weight because I have been given the tools to do so. I am grateful to the Advanced Integrative Medical 360and specifically to Maria for teaching and assisting me to be a better, healthier me!

-Crystal V.


Great experience. My nutrition coach, Kallista has been a great support throughout my entire journey. I love that the focus has changed from weight loss in the first month of the program to teaching healthy eating habits that can maintain my weight loss. I’m feeling amazing, my energy has increased, and believe it or not, I’m eating more now than I was before this leg of my journey-because now I’m eating the RIGHT food for my body. I can’t say enough nice things about Kallista. She is a proverbial cheerleader, and I ALWAYS felt supported with her guidance.

-Carey E.


The program is great! I am down 20 pounds and feel better. I was mainly looking for a healthy diet that would help me with inflammatory issues and this program really helped with that. Dr. Dubyak is very knowledgeable about underlying issues that could be causing weight gain and inflammation. I am now working with him on food sensitivity issues as well, which is a long term solution. Kallista was a wonderful nutrition coach and provided me with the support I needed to get through the program. I would recommend them to friends and anyone who is struggling with weight gain, energy and overall inflammatory issues.

-Silvana A.


I have tried many different diets over many years and finally found something that works. The people are very personal and enjoy going to each visit.

-Virginia G.


Have been extremely happy with the health results and energy levels.Have incorporated continued diet into daily life causing occasional stomach issues to stop completely.

-Megan F.


Not sure where to start I walked into the pleasant hills office a year ago. I was so tired, overweight, no thyroid, deeply depressed and had been getting knee shots every 6 months for arthritis for 5 years or more. My body was a pile of toxic. Nothing was working properly. I met with Kallista and she was so compassionate to my story of wanting to lose weight and be healthy for my family. She led me on the right path. I started program the next week. I lost 50 pounds in three months no more shots I have maintained the healthy eating habits. I have struggled but when I do I go back and see her and get back on track. During this journey my family has also taken on the healthy eating habits my grandson lost 60lbs which helped him with wrestling. Now I do IV therapy and that helps me maintain my energy levels and clears my mind. I cannot thank Kallista and now Alex enough for saving me from a life of depression and not enjoying the things in life I use to enjoy. My family also thanks them for giving me back to them

-Carla N.


Staff is very efficient, and the customer service is top notch. Would recommend 100%.

-Nance C.


I was concerned about my weight, but it was not about the numbers on the scale as much as it was about my high sugar count, bad cholesterol numbers and inflammation being stored throughout my body. My physical (and mental) health was at risk but with the help of AIM 360, namely Dr. Dubyak and Maria, that was then and this is now….A personalized, realistic, goal attainable program was put in place for me and over the last few months with healthy eating, exercise and daily motivation from my health coach, Maria, I have lost 25 lbs. Yes, there were some ups and downs along the way, but I was never judged or discouraged, instead cheered on and supported. I am NOW in control of my wellbeing and I am NOW a much healthier, happier me, thanks to AIM 360!

-Terri C.

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