Patient Reviews

I feel so much better since starting on this program. I’m amazed at how quickly I felt dramatically improved.

-Elaine P.


The staff takes time listening to what your issues are and the goals that you want to achieve. Great support! It’s nice to finally find a program that addresses you in a holistic manner.

-Sherri J.


I highly recommend Advanced Integrative Medical 360! Dr. Dubyak and Dr. Dancy are excellent physicians and truly care about you and your health! All of the staff is so supportive and kind!! I could not lose any weight after I had my son and am now on my 23rd day of the program and have lost 15 POUNDS!!! I feel healthy and strong.

-Sara D.


Went in at 228 lbs. 2 months later sitting at 208. Dr. Dubyak and the nutrition staff are great. My horrible blood work is sitting at all healthy levels. I recommend the programs highly I feel a thousand times better and much healthier.

-Barry K.


I am very pleased with my visits! I have felt better than I have in a long time. Great atmosphere and friendly team to work with. Highly recommend!!

-Tina H.


Since I’ve started coming about a month ago, I’ve had so much more energy and a feeling of wellbeing! The staff is very nice and knowledgeable! Would recommend to anyone who wants to get their health back on track!

-Tito C.


I started this journey very skeptical only because of so many scams out there. I must say this has really worked for me. I am on day 20 and have lost 22 lbs. and inches. More importantly I feel better than I ever have in a long time. I sleep better; I’m eating much healthier my clothes fit might have to buy some new ones. It has changed the way I eat, my portions are half if not smaller and I’m not hungry. Kudos to the whole team for a job well done!

-Chuck K.


I have lost 2 dress sizes in the month since I started working with this team. I love the nutritional counseling support and the weekly check-ins. The staff is incredibly supportive and fun making the process enjoyable.

-Kristi Prince


I absolutely recommend going here if you are serious about losing weight. I have tried all of the diets on TV. No results till now. The staff there is absolutely top notch. Down 25 lbs.I feel incredible. Energy thru the roof. You will not regret going and talking to them. BEST decision of my life.

–Patrick R.




I’ve struggled for years with my weight…gaining and losing over and over again. I was very disgusted with my weight, how I looked, and the way I felt. I was diagnosed with type two diabetes several years ago also. I knew I had to get some help. I saw an ad in our local newspaper and on Facebook so I thought “why not call and see what this is all about”. I soon found out that this is this BEST thing I ever did. For starters I don’t think I ever had bloodwork ordered that covered so many tests. Dr. Dubyak reviewed all my results with me and prepared a plan for me to follow according to those results. Kallista, my nutrition coach, has been by my side cheering me on since I’ve started the plan. I’m starting my second phase of the program in a few days. I’m so excited to see how much my weight has changed and how much better I feel. My ultimate goal is not only to lose weight, feel good about myself, but to eliminate all medications I am currently on especially the diabetes one. Thank you Dr. Dubyak, Kallista, and entire staff for being such caring and supportive people! You knew I could do this and thanks to you I am!

-Margie G.

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