Patient Reviews

I am so happy that I decided to join this weight loss program. I lost 19.5 pounds the first month. I feel better and look better. I am amazed at how much my stomach went down. It was tough at first, but with the help of Dr. Dubyak and his wonderful staff, I did it. I would recommend this to anyone that’s serious about losing weight, quickly.

-Sita O.


I am losing weight and feeling great. I don’t have the brain fog anymore. I am just waking up every day and having a lot more energy and sleeping a lot better than I ever have. I had some stomach issues that I was dealing with for years that I am not having anymore. I feel like a new person!

-Kim R.


I went through numerous doctors to find help losing weight due to thyroid issues! Not till I found Advanced Integrative did I finally find a system to work for me! In 2 years of struggling I lost nothing and kept gaining but now I’ve lost 17 lbs. in 2 months! The staff is super friendly and helpful! Thanks for turning my body around, hope to keep it up!

-Mileen J.


I have lost 23 pounds in 60 days and my cholesterol has gone from the mid-200s to 180!!! The staff here is super supportive and the overall environment is very relaxing. Awesome program and I highly recommend!!!

-Paula W.


The doctors and staff are amazing here. They have identified and treated me accordingly as they do testing that your regular doctor does not do routinely. Well worth the investment.

-Julie M.


I recommend this program, doctors, and all staff. They are so accommodating and helpful. They walk you through ever step and answer all questions. The program is very easy to follow and get great results!!

-Deanna L.


This program has helped me in so many ways from confidence to overall better health. This is the most professional and kind team of people you could ever hope for! I will forever talk about this place and will always recommend!!

-Katie M.


This is a fabulous experience. I lost 17 pounds in just one month. Most important, the staff and Dr. Dubyak were extremely professional. I would recommend this weight loss program to anyone who is struggling with weight loss.

-Carla M.


Great staff really caring and very helpful with meeting your needs. They treat everyone as an individual and specialize in meeting your needs and goals… I lost 14lbs and counting thanks to the great staff…the staff all works together with meeting your needs, the health coach to the nurses and the medical staff. Great experience can’t wait to see what happens next.

-Jennifer G.


The staff is so wonderful and supportive! Physically I feel so much better— in all aspects— better sleep, energy, better skin, and lost 10 lbs.! They make it easy to meet your goals whether it is weight loss or enhanced wellbeing. Highly recommended!!!

-Stacy B.

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