Patient Reviews

I am enjoying my transformation with following Integrated Health 360. I have struggled with weight loss the last few years. My recent PCP visit with labs resulting as prediabetic, high cholesterol and overweight lead me to Dr Dubyak.  The program works and is designed for me.

-Judy J.


Advanced Integrative 360 is awesome! The staff is super friendly and very helpful! I have more energy and mostly understand my body better and the effects various foods have had on my body. Making good choices and understanding why makes the journey easier. They have so much to offer for anyone with any type of health concern, large or small!

-Terry D.


I came to AIM 360 for help with 2 issues that had me very frustrated, anxious and at a loss for what to do next.  My first issue was memory loss.  I am a 55-year old female and had been experiencing major ‘brain fog’ to the extent that my husband was very concerned and wanted me to seek medical help.  My 2nd issue was with psoriatic arthritis (PA). PA had changed my once very active lifestyle to one that was almost sedentary. The only option left in treating my PA, was to start weekly immune suppressant injections which I was not looking forward to!! I was desperate to find another solution.  Thank God I found AIM! The staff is so easy to work with and so dedicated in helping you to be your best self. I have been receiving the healing and balance IV’s weekly, for the past 10 weeks and I honestly have not felt this well in 10 YEARS!  I can’t even find the words to adequately describe my new healthy self!! My husband refers to this ‘new me’ as a miracle! My brain fog is totally gone and my joint pain is almost non-existent!

-Chris C.


Great place. Provide fabulous easy to follow instructions! Only thing that has worked for weight loss for me & I’ve tried it all.

-Mary Jean R.


Advanced Integrative Medical literally saved my life. I was diagnosed with MTHFR in 2008 which is a blood disorder that very few doctors are knowledgeable about. 2 years ago, I was then diagnosed with pernicious anemia (which explained why I was a zombie all the time) which led me to having to take b12 shots every 3 weeks and this would last the rest of my life. It turns out I was basically poisoning myself with those b12 shots. I was given the wrong b12 injection type, my MTHFR was overlooked by my PCP who I trusted and never took my disorder into consideration. With the help of the doctors and RN’s, I have been getting infusions of the correct b12 every week to get my levels back on track- also a medication that will help detox the wrong b12 out of my body.  My body did a complete 360, I can’t believe how much better I feel. I will continue to get injections every week until my levels are stable, and then I can spread them out depending how I feel. Everyone is so wondering and very intelligent, I am so pleased with how my journey has been with Advanced Integrative Medical 360.

-Katie B.


I have been a patient of Advanced Integrative Medical 360 for 1 month now. Through the Anti-Inflammx Diet and weekly Vitamin IVs I have seen significant positive changes in my body. I have noticed decrease in belly bloat, improvement in body composition and overall condition of my hair after previous breakage. The staff has been supportive and quick to answer any questions. Changing food habits is difficult but the results that have occurred are motivation to continue! Glad I tried AIM 360 – well worth the investment in my health!

-Holly T.


I came to AIM360 for hormone and weight issues.  I have to say that I have tried every program out there, including this one now.  The difference is, this one works!  Dr. Dubyak and staff are wonderful to work with!  They are not only sympathetic/empathetic but encouraging as well.  They truly focus on how each individual’s journey is unique, and they walk every step with you, really wanting you to succeed!

-Kim L.


This place is amazing. My blood sugar readings are lower than ever. I lost 20 pounds and have more energy than I’ve had in a long time. Thank you for making such a difference in my life.

-Gail D.


Staff is amazing! Very friendly, caring and knowledgeable. I have dealt with stomach pain and GI problems for several years. Since I started the program, I feel better mentally and physically and I’m not in constant pain. I would highly recommend to anyone that is dealing with stomach issues/pain but can’t find answers.

-Stacy H.


Advanced Integrative Medical 360 is an amazing place. The staff is so knowledgeable and welcoming. I feel so comfortable here. The staff really focuses on the little things to make sure you can be your best and healthiest self. Going to AIM was the first time I was confident and hopeful about a treatment for my stomach issues.

-Aubrie W.

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