Patient Reviews

Highly recommended. Extremely friendly staff. Doctors are very knowledgeable even about my rare condition and will work with you to help you live your healthiest life.

-Carri Z.


I started with AIM360 through a friend’s referral. I had some issues that were really beginning to worry me and I was looking for a doctor who wasn’t going to slam me with pharmaceuticals without understanding what was going on.  The care and education I’ve received at AIM360 is life changing. I’m a little over one month into treatment and I’m feeling healthy again. It’s not just the doctors who have contributed to this. It’s the entire staff. No matter which section they work, they each take time to smile, say hello, and answer questions. Our health care system could learn a lot from this practice.

-Margaret S.


I can not say enough good things about this place! The doctors, the staff, the coaches! They are all so incredibly supportive, understanding, and encouraging! From the very beginning Dr. Dubyak listened to what was going on, walked me through everything explained everything very thoroughly. I’ve never walked out of a doctors office with an entire binder full of blood work and knowing EXACTLY what was going on! Anytime I had a question or concern Ashley my nutrition coach would respond to me ASAP and that was a huge help when you are trying to figure everything out at the beginning. I am so happy I went here, it’s literally been a life changer!

-Kaitlyn B.


I’ve literally felt like garbage for the past 4 years since having my thyroid removed. Weight changes. Mood swings. Anxiety you name it! I went from doctor to doctor trying to find someone who would help and LISTEN! Since funding Dr. Dubyak at AIM 360 my life has literally done a “360” in a month! He listens and takes my concerns seriously never making me feel dumb. He ran extensive bloodwork and put me on a plan to feel my best and no joke I do! I look forward to my weekly “IV cocktails” everyone in the office is SO friendly I feel like I’m visiting friends. And speaking of friends… I’ve had 3 close friends tell me how “good and glowy” I look. Even they notice a difference it shows!

-Annie C.


I started my weight loss journey on 5/6 and today 6/5 I am down a total 14 pounds.  I have to say the staff is very friendly and willing to help with no hesitation at all.  I’m so glad that I contacted Advanced Integrative and it has been the best decision I could’ve made for myself in a long time.  If you follow the instructions, you will be just as successful in your weight loss journey.

-Missy M.


Amazing experience! I have been coming to AIM360 for about two months and the whole goal was to just feel better- get rid of stomach pains/bloat, fatigue and headaches and Dr.D’s plan did that! The bloodwork showed areas of weakness and what I needed to do to get my body back on track. The plan was spelled out completely and easy to navigate. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this office and the programs to anyone!

-Morgan C.


After months of chasing doctors around, AIM finally was a breath of fresh air when they wanted to get to the cause of my problem and not just the symptoms. I’ve been able to avoid surgery, and the results from their treatment plan speak for themselves that it works very well.

-Reese T.


I came here because I had a diagnosis of chronic leukemia and wanted to pursue a holistic route and found all my answers here. I am very pleased with my treatments. Feeling great after 2 months. More energy than I have had in years and 15 lbs. lighter.  5 months later I have kept my weight down and for the first time in years I didn’t get a severe chest cold or pneumonia. Most importantly my high white blood cell count has been reduced significantly.

-Joel C.

I came to AIM on referral from a friend and was very skeptical.  I had been exercising faithfully, getting stronger but weight had not been changing.  I was feeling fat, hormonal and looking for answers.  The program was challenging for me but 6 weeks later I’m down 15lbs, feeling leaner with improved energy decreased menopausal symptoms!  I’m wearing clothes that have been hiding in my closet for years!  The staff is great very supportive and knowledgeable.

-Andrea G.


They changed my life. Finally, a doctor that doesn’t push me off on another doctor. He uses your blood work to develop a custom plan for you. There’s no guessing, that’s what I love. He does EXTENSIVE lab work and makes sure he has it right before suggesting anything for you. Very affordable and compassionate staff

-Angela W.

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