As the #1 functional medicine weight loss center in the Pittsburgh area, Advanced Integrative Medical 360
specializes in helping patients losing weight, feeling better and looking great. With thousands of patients
successfully treated over the years, our medical team takes a personalized approach to every patient’s health goals.

the AIM360 WAY

Our medical team personalizes programs around you and your health goals. Our custom designed health plans help accelerate results.


Experience the new way to losing weight, feeling better and looking good. As a functional medicine practice, we unlock the underlying health issues to why you’re feeling the way you do.


From hormone imbalances to digestion issues, our programs, products and services can give you the symptom relief you need. Start living your life again.


A team of functional medicine practitioners, nurses and coaches work one-on-one with you in conquering your health goals. We are with you each step of the way.

Darren Dubyak D.C., ABAAHP, CFMP

Advanced Integrative Medical 360’s Founder and Clinical Nutrition Director, Dr. Darren Dubyak D.C., ABAAHP, CFMP, has
practiced holistic medicine for the past 15 years. With advanced certifications in anti-aging, medical weight loss and functional medicine, Dr. Dubyak has a passion for helping patients reach their health goals through personalized nutrition medicine.

Dr. Dubyak is a proud graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where he studied sports medicine. He received his Chiropractic degree in 2004 from National Health Sciences University. He has advanced certifications from Functional Medicine University and the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Louis Olegario M.D

Advanced Integrative Medical 360’s Medical Director, Dr. Louis Olegario M.D., has practiced medicine for over 25+ years.
Dr. Olegario’s passion is to help patients optimize their nutrition potential.

Dr. Olegario is a board-certified medical doctor specializing in interventional pain management and functional nutrition.
Dr. Olegario is finishing his Functional Medicine Practitioner Certification from Functional Medicine University.

Alexandra Hessom CRNP

Alexandra has been in the healthcare field for 13 years. She started out as a Registered Nurse in 2007 and decided to pursue a higher education shortly thereafter. She went on to become a Nurse Practitioner and currently specializes in family medicine. This affords her the ability to engage her passion of providing optimal care for patients across the lifespan while focusing on preventative measures in addition to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of disease states.

In addition to her current credentials, she is currently on the path to becoming a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. She believes that there is a healthy middle ground in need of exploration in terms of traditional and functional medicine. She looks forward to combining her knowledge of traditional medicine with her newfound knowledge of functional medicine so that her patients can achieve an overall better state of health and well-being.

Alexis Eisner R.N., CFMP

Alexis strives to provide the most holistic approach to her nursing care. She believes caring for our bodies through proper nutrition, physical fitness, and stress reduction can lead us to better health. She has worked in healthcare for over 10 years as a Phlebotomist and Registered Nurse where she found her passion for caring for the whole patient’s well-being.

With proper nutrition, Alexis has successfully managed her own Lupus and Inflammatory Bowel Disease symptoms. Alexis obtained her Functional Medicine Practitioner Certification from Functional Medicine University where she broadened her love for customizing proper nutrition plans to maximize outcomes for chronic diseases and general wellness.

Candace Curea, R.N.

Candace is a registered nurse and has a great passion working at a functional medicine facility. As our head IV nurse, she loves making a difference in patient’s lives through a non-traditional approach. She loves incorporating a healthy and natural lifestyle with her son and family. Also, she has a fondness of exploring new adventurous places with her son. She’s excited to continuously grow in her career path and experience all the amazing things to come!

Alyssa Shearer RN, BSN

Alyssa has been working as a registered nurse since 2013.  She started her career as a floor nurse for a hospital before moving on to outpatient dialysis.  Always interested in caring for herself through a more natural approach, she herself drawn to functional medicine.

As our IV RN in Uniontown, Alyssa is very excited to expand her nursing career as she helps patients heal through individualized care.

Brian Dubyak, Integrative Nutrition Coach, NASM-CNC, NASM-CPT, NASM-WLS

Brian has over 10+ years experience in the weight loss and nutrition industry working with doctors and patients on the latest trends and systems on losing weight and optimizing health goals.  He has certifications from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and National Academy of Sports Medicine as a certified nutrition coach.  As the Director of Nutrition Coaching & Operations, his passion is working with the integrative medical team on finding the underlying causes of why patients are not feeling well and how their hormones could be contributing to weight gain.  Through a functional medicine approach, Brian works one-on-one with patients on reaching their weight loss goals.

Maria Dubyak, Certified Health Coach and Weight Loss Specialist

Maria first started in the wellness industry as a Weight Watchers leader in the Pittsburgh region in 2004. Through successfully helping thousands of clients, Maria quickly became a top leader and trainer for Weight Watchers. As a mom, Maria understands the difficulties of managing proper nutrition and exercise with the responsibilities of running a family. Her excitement and
passion to help other women achieve their weight loss and wellness goals has allowed her to become a top local nutrition coach for women’s health.

Bernadette Kabay, Certified Lifestyle Educator

With over 15 years’ experience in functional medicine and weight loss, Bernadette helps clients with behavior lifestyle changes. Supporting clients with active listening, accountability and guidance, Bernadette works one-on-one with patients in
understanding their wellness needs and creating a road map in order to achieve those nutritional goals.

Erin Strimmel, Phlebotomist

Erin is a certified Phlebotomist and is currently working as our receptionist at our Uniontown and North Hills locations. Before starting with us she dedicated her life to raising her children and their family Labrador, Molly Mae. Her weekends are either spent on the ball field cheering on her children or coaching from the side lines.  She loves meeting new people and continually fascinated with the wonderful success stories that come from our offices.